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Environmental Policy

In order to reduce the environmental impacts through our business activities; manufacturing, sales and service, we promote environmental management activities based on following policies and aim to be harmonization with global environment.

  1. Promote the prevention of the environmental contamination and improve continuously our environmental management system with recognizing constantly the environmental impacts through all business activities.
  2. Improve our management level not only by fully complying with environmental laws, regulations and other requirement related our business activities but also by laying down independent standards for any other necessary matters.
  3. Among our business activities related to environmental impact, environmental management priority themes will work as the following items.
    • Use resources or energy effectively with deep reorganization of its finiteness.
    • Promote the decrease in exhaust gas of boiler and GHP for prevention of global warming and acid rain.
    • Strive to use environment-friendly products for decreasing the environmental stress.
    • Strive to reduce the amount of discharged waste by reuse and recycling for establishing Recycling-Oriented society.
  4. In order to take proactive individual action for reducing burden on the environment, we announce our environmental policy not only to all employees but also to the society.
December 1, 2014
Chief Executive OfficerYo Fukui