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With our corporate philosophy Attain the Master of the safety valve. we take the initiative

Since FUKUI was founded in 1936, we have provided safety relief valves as a worldwide leading manufacturer for 80 years.
A safety relief valve is the key product for customers as “final safety equipment.” It supports human life in over 80 countries around the world: such as power plant, gas supply chain (drilling plant, liquefaction facility, LNG carrier, and LNG Terminal) and new energy (hydrogen fuel, biomass, methane hydrate and so on)

FUKUI has been strongly committed to provide the elaborate quality products guaranteed by “Made in Japan” since our establishment. We additionally have been working on after-sales service by global service networks.
As a result of our efforts to address sincerely customer needs, we have received high reputations from domestic/overseas customers.

Energy market continues growing mainly in developing countries and business which requires high-technology is increasing with market diversification. In such ever-changing fields, we will pursue initiatives for the global marketing
We make it our mission to show presence of Japan through “Monozukuri (art, science and craft of making things)”, and to build organizational culture where the company members can find their jobs rewarding.
We look forward to sharing those hopes with you and greatly appreciate your continued encouragement.

Chief Executive OfficerYo Fukui
President Chief Executive Office Yo Fukui