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Resource Development Market

There are various energy plants expanding all over the world. Fukui, as a safety valve manufacture, meets wide variety of product requirements. Through providing ideal safety valves, we have been gaining the safety and reliability from major engineering companies, machinery manufactures and end users.

LNG Plant ( Liquefied Natural Gas Plant )
LPG Plant ( Liquefied Petroleum Gas Plant )

Fukui products is used for various process line such as onshore minings, refining facilities, liquefaction facilities, shipment, receiving terminals, pressurization facilities for low temperature, low temperature pipelines and vaporization facilities.
Safety valve installed on LNG storage tank is required to have a capability not only for cryogenic and extremely low pressure but also for negative pressure. We have a lot of experience for all over the world in this field.


Chemical Plant

Fertilizer / Ammonia Plant ・ GTL ( Gas to Liquid ) Plant ・ Dimethyl ether ( DME ) Plant
The one of the features in chemical plants is that they require the corrosion resistance safety valves, such as corrosion resistance requirements based on peculiar designated materials ( Duplex stainless steel, special alloy steel ), high viscosity, and super high back pressure.
We have established the system for manufacturing all of our safety valves by setting up the stable purchase route for special materials and it enables us to have a line up for various types of products.

Chemical PlantChemical Plant

Petroleum refinery plant

A number of energy plants have been constructed all over the world, such as plants for petroleum refining from crude oil, middle materials ( Ethylene, Vinyl chloride monomer ) made from naphtha and final chemical products.
We have been providing our suitable products according to the needs of customers by developing safety valves which have resistance to corrosion for hydrogen sulfide or the high-temperature and high-pressure safety valve for steam used for cracking furnace of ethylene production.

Petroleum refinery plant