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Power Plant Market

Electric power is essential part to our life.
We have been supplying many safety valves for a variety of power plants. In recent years, in order to be high efficiency and reduce emissions of CO2, power plant market is getting into ultra-high temperature and super critical pressure fields.

Combined Cycle Power Plant

In Combined Cycle Power Plant ( CCPP ) , the gas turbine generates electric power, and steam produced by the waste heat of the gas turbine rotates the steam turbine to generate electric power together. We have a lot of experience supplying our safety valves under the severe condition such as high-temperature and high-pressure.

Combined Cycle Power PlantCombined Cycle Power Plant

Super Critical Power Plant

In Super-Critical Power Plant, using super critical pressure steam enable us to achieve higher energy efficiency compared to conventional power plant.
Although the specification required for safety valve is harder than conventional power plant, we have competed and had the experience in this market.

Geothermal Electricity Plant

Geothermal power generation is now spotlighted as a new alternative energy.
The power generation is small, however, the environment for safety valve is so harsh that requires high corrosion resistance and good performance with corrosive steam containing sulfur.